First impressions are key when it comes to showcasing your property to a potential buyer, so make them count.

If you’re selling your home, or plan to in the near future, creating a good first impression is one of the most important factors. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to pull off. Here are 11 essential steps you need to take — most fall under simple maintenance and organization.

How to Make a Good First Impression on Buyers

1. Get outside. Mow the law, trim the bushes, remove dead tree branches, and get rid of outdoor furniture you don’t plan to take with you.

2. Clean the front door, if it needs to be painted, do it.

3. Check for leaks throughout the house. A drip may not seem important, but it could suggest poor maintenance elsewhere in the house. Don’t leave room for doubt in a buyer’s mind.

4. Clean out closets and storage areas by donating old clothes and furniture to local charities. This will create a sense of greater space in the home.

5. Professionally clean the carpets.

6. Flip every switch to make sure the electrical works throughout the house. Prospective home buyers will do this. Fix any switches that need help.

7. Caulk around tubs and sinks. New caulk looks better than old caulk, and you’ll also prevent those tricky leaks.

8. Replace lightbulbs that don’t work and use as much wattage as the fixture will take. Good illumination makes your home seem light and airy.

9. Tour the property from the perspective of a first-time visitor. Is there anything that may seem uncomfortable to visitors?

10. If you have a pet, make arrangements to have it elsewhere when your home is being shown. Some people have allergies. No one wants to be barked or pawed at when they enter.

11. Ask your realtor to examine the property for specific showing tips to make your home more attractive.

[h/t] Realtor