We’re so excited to watch the Washington Nationals take on the Colorado Rockies this Saturday – with over 600 of our closest clients and friends!

We love to show our clients, friends & real estate ecosystem a good time.  And so for the fourth year running, we’ve reserved a 4 entire sections of Nationals Park for the upcoming game this Saturday, April 14th against the Rockies.

The whole Keri Shull Team and Orange Line Living Team will be there, along with over 600 of our closest clients and friends!

The game starts at 1:05 PM and we’ll be seated by the right outfield. 

Look for us in our white and red 3/4 jerseys and these #KSTHomeTeam hats! 

keri shull team Washington nationalskeri shull team Washington nationals

We’d LOVE to see your photos of the event! If you can spot us on television, send it to us and we’ll send you a free shirt! 

Use the #KSTHomeTeam hashtag on social media to follow the event and to join in on the conversation!  

Check out our previous events here, including the most recent Casino Night from February.