On this week’s edition of the Neighborhood Spotlight, join Keri Shull, founder of the Keri Shull Team, as she gives you a tour of 5 more of our favorite family-friendly playgrounds in Arlington.

Between amazing food, drinks, and entertainment, there are plenty of great things to do in Arlington VA. And now, as more people are eating at restaurants instead of getting takeout options, we are seeing the opportunities to enjoy the fresh air at one of Arlington’s great parks. But, with so many places to choose from, how are you supposed to know where to start?

Luckily, when it comes to finding fun for the whole family, we are here to help! So take a look below to learn about 5 more of our favorite recreational parks!

Lyon Village Park 

Sitting just south of Lee Highway, Lyon Village Park is a cute, 2-acre space that offers tons of fun activities. Families can enjoy their snacks at the picnic pavilion — and with so much fun to be had, you and yours are sure to work up an appetite!

This gorgeous park is great for toddlers and big kids alike, with enjoyable activities for all ages. In addition to spaces to place tennis and basketball, the park’s playground is a perfect way to escape the summer heat. 

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of off-street parking options at Lyon Village Park. In addition, there are no bathrooms that are open to the public in the park — so make sure that you plan accordingly if you are interested in enjoying a day at Lyon Village Park!

Rocky Run Park

Rocky Run Park is a great option for school-aged children and toddlers alike, with plenty of fun to be had across its 2 acres. Although there are distinct spaces for each age group, they are close enough together that parents or guardians can keep an eye on all their kids at once. 

Little athletes are sure to fall in love with Rocky Run Park — in addition to a full-sized basketball court, the recreational area also features a turf field that is perfect for playing soccer or football.

Rocky Run Park also has some convenient luxuries, such as public bathrooms and off-street parking options, that are much appreciated. The park has a fence that encircles much of the play area, but it does not surround the whole space. 

At the time of publication, Rocky Run Park is closed for ongoing repairs — so make sure you check the Arlington Parks and Recreation website regularly to see when you can come enjoy this great space!

Hayes Park

Located off of I-66 near the Virginia Square neighborhood is Hayes Park, another one of the best parks in Arlington VA. Hayes Park is the perfect place to enjoy a steamy summer day, with a great playground, fun play structures, and courts for playing tennis or basketball.

Unlike some of the other parks in the area, Hayes does not have a lot of large slides or climbing structures on its playground. This means that the space might appeal more to toddlers and younger children, although the nearby fields and courts can offer fun activities for school-aged kids.

A lot of the activities and amenities at Hayes Park are spread out a bit, making them feel somewhat secluded. Each area is connected by pathways and trails, which means that this park is also a great place for youngsters to get practice riding bikes. 

Hayes Park is also fenced in for ultimate peace of mind, and the spot has an off-street parking lot and public bathrooms. This makes Hayes a great place to spend an afternoon — and you can pack a lunch or snack to enjoy at one of the picnic tables!

Virginia Highlands Park

If you are looking for tons of options for fun, then look no further than Virginia Highlands Park. This massive recreational space, which is near the Pentagon City and Crystal City metro stops, is a 1-stop spot for all kinds of outdoor fun. There are courts and fields for all kinds of sports including tennis, basketball, baseball, and volleyball, as well as a playground and tons of relaxing shade. 

The park features separate spaces for toddlers and bigger kids, each with their own unique play structures and activity spaces. The toddler playground is fully fenced in and has conveniently located public bathrooms. However, it is important to note that these two playground areas are not very close together, which can be a bit inconvenient. 

Virginia Highlands Park is a great spot for people of all ages. In addition to the play areas and recreational fields, there are designated grilling stations and picnic groves, so you can make turn a pleasant outing into an all-day, full-family day of fun!

Long Bridge Park 

With beautiful views of Washington DC and the Potomac River, Long Bridge Park is one of the coolest places to get out some energy. The 30-acre recreational park, which is near the National Landing area of Arlington VA, has 3 full-size lighted fields, plenty of public art, and interactive play areas for kids of all ages. 

The playground at Long Bridge has a distinct and artistic feel, with fun slides and climbing tunnels built into the hill. And there’s no better way to beat the heat in Arlington than to run through the misting station that runs nearby the play area!

By far the most unique aspect of Long Bridge Park is its proximity to Reagan airport. This makes the park a perfect place to watch planes take off, as they fly directly overhead as they take off from the hub. It truly is a park experience unlike any other!

So if you are looking for art, exercise, and fresh air in Crystal City, then check out Long Bridge Park!

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