Bridget is a Northern Virginia native who graduated from Lake Braddock Secondary School and George Mason University. Understanding the D.C. metro area real estate market is easy for Bridget since she is a Northern Virginia local. Bridget became a licensed Realtor in 1996 and amazingly purchased her very first home at the age of 19! She has personally purchased, renovated, and sold multiple properties throughout the last 10 years of her career, experiencing every cycle of the market. The peaks, the valleys, and everything in between — Bridget has been there and done that, and her experience has been invaluable to her clients.

Although some real estate markets can prove more challenging than others, Bridget is always expanding her knowledge base, so she is prepared to help her clients navigate any situation that may arise during a real estate transaction. Bridget now sells an average of 40 homes a year, giving her the real experience to meet every need of every one of her clients. Whether you are a savvy investor, a family of move-up buyers, or a first-time home buyer, Bridget will help you successfully navigate each purchase. She has personally been every type of home buyer, so she has lived each of these experiences herself as well as leading clients through it.

Bridget also has extensive knowledge of new construction and custom-built homes. She understands the importance of having attention to detail and treats every transaction like it were her own money on the line, her own search for her own dream home. She delivers a very high quality experience to home buyers in our area. Bridget even carries her very own roll of blue tape when she performs final walk throughs in new construction homes, using her keen eye to mark any defects or mistakes. She is always ensuring that her clients get the very best and that their new homes are delivered exactly as promised.