Born and raised in the DC Metropolitan area, Brooke is well acquainted with our distinctive market and all that it brings. She attended Towson University in Baltimore, MD, where she studied as a double major in Cell & Molecular Biology and English. 

As a contributing member in the industry, Brooke is enabled to work collectively to incorporate her extensive knowledge of the real estate market along with her 10 years of customer service experience for a competitive edge to provide quality service to her clients and best suit their individual needs. 

Brooke is well known for her strategic thought process and attention to detail, as well as her intense love of people and relationship building while maintaining integrity and candor. She is a fierce and savvy negotiator who prioritizes getting her clients the best possible results, specifically in competitive situations. 

Brooke is very passionate about her community and enjoys engaging in a wide range of community service efforts and initiatives on an annual basis. In her spare time, she also enjoys interior decorating, traveling, caring for her horses, indulging in vegan cuisine, and being a mother to her handsome (but very mischievous) 80-pound blue nose pitbull.