Keri Shull was born in Portland, Oregon, but her family had moved 13 times by the time she graduated high school. Keri’s passion for helping people move with ease came from watching her family navigate amazing and terrible transitions.

Since founding The Keri Shull Team in 2009, Keri has helped thousands of families buy and sell homes while dealing with the stresses of relocation and out-of-state moves. 

In 2020, the Keri Shull Team was named the #13 real estate team in the United States by REALTrends, an award that is measured by sales volume. That same year, her team helped 881 families buy or sell a home, thanks to the unique team structure and world-class training that Keri developed!

In addition to being a team builder, Keri is also a family builder. Along with her husband Dan, Keri raises four wonderful children: Braden, Kierra, Grayson, and Tristan.

Family is one of the core values of the Keri Shull Team — and when you work with us, you join our family, too!