Another #1 ranking for the urban village located next to our Nations Capital. The city of Arlington VA named America’s ‘Hardest Working City’ — continues to earn top ranking in various categories compared to other U.S. Metro areas. The recent ranking is by the financial website The website ranked 113 U.S. cities by labor market data on the average number of hours worked in a week and the average number of weeks worked per year.

SmartAsset states that, thanks in part to a large federal government presence, the Arlington, VA economy is largely immune to the economic shocks which sometimes rock the rest of the country. Government agencies like the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security are headquartered here. In fact, the Pentagon where the Department of Defense is headquartered is the largest office building in the world.

In Arlington people work an average of 41.5 hours per week. This figure is the highest in the country and a big reason  Arlington comes in as the hardest-working city in America.

The largest private companies (in terms of employees) in the city are Deloitte and Accenture. Other large private companies owe their presence to the nearby Department of Defense, like LockHeed Martin. All in all, workers in Arlington work an average of 1,431 hours per year.

Hours worked per week: Data is taken from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey.

Weeks worked per year: Calculated using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Labor force rate: This number is calculated using data from the Bureau Labor of Statistics.

Hours worked per year: This is average hours worked per year multiplied by the labor force rate. In this way the study includes the whole population not just the workers of the city.

Arlington VA Named America's 'Hardest Working City'

[h/t] Orange Line Living

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