How to Turn Your Restored Home into a Smart Home

Remember those TV shows that featured old homes that were renovated? Well, you now understand how much time, effort and money goes into turning an old home into a modern and comfortable living space. As a homeowner, making specific changes to your home is vital to your well-being as well as to your overall living costs.

If you’ve just restored your house, you may be wondering how you can turn it into a smart home. Fortunately, this is much easier than replacing outdated electrical or plumbing fixtures. Here are a few steps on how you can turn your restored home into a smart home and enjoy the latest trends in technology.

1. Install a Reliable and Robust Network

Establishing a reliable network is the first step towards home automation. Your system’s infrastructure will include both wired and wireless equipment and connections, but in a restored home it’s especially important to have a solid hardwired connection. While you might think that going wireless is the new trend, you’ll be surprised to learn that installing any device will need internet and power which all require wiring. For starters, install wired access points, a good router, and network switch.

2. Have a Remote HVAC Control

Everyone likes the convenience of controlling the indoor temperature from their phones. You can start by installing a remote thermostat, as it allows you to adjust the settings and regulate the energy flow. What’s more, you can customize settings based on the season, month, or day. All you need is to access the interface on your tablet or phone. Nevertheless, it’s essential to understand that you need a strong internet connection for the thermostat to function reliably. What this means is that the thermostat won’t work if your phone loses its data connection or if the cable company encounters an internet outage. Some remote thermostats will only work on the local wifi network; this ensures everything runs smoothly even in an emergency.

3. Put in Smart Lighting Control

You can add an extra functional layer of technology around your restored home thanks to smart lighting control. The system includes custom lighting scenes, remote dimmers, fan speed, switch consolidation, and energy management. You can now enjoy the convenience of turning off all the lights with a quick swipe on your phone.

4. Add Cameras to Your Home

Can you imagine facetiming with your house? This is now possible thanks to the new technology that allows you to integrate cameras into your home. All you need is a regular network cable. Furthermore, advanced technology now makes it possible to add a camera that works with your garage door opener. You no longer have to worry if you shut down your garage door.

These are some of the systems you can install in your home to turn it into a smart home. However, it’s critical to note that each of these devices come with their apps. It’s critical to consider an automation platform that allows you to access all the technology in your home on one dashboard.

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