Beth and Max decided they were ready to start building up some equity instead of continuing to spend money renting.

They attended one of our first-time homebuyer seminars and, after shopping around to decide which real estate agency was right for their needs, chose our merged team, Orange Line Living and the Keri Shull Team.

When did you know you were ready to buy a home?

We moved to DC about 6 years ago and had been renting ever since. We decided that we were ready to build up some equity instead of continuing to spend money renting, so we decided to start looking for homes.

We found Optimé Realty [the brokerage name for Orange Line Living and Keri Shull Team] through a local blog I read where they were advertising a class about the homebuying process.

So we came [to the first-time homebuyers class] expecting just a sales pitch — but we got a step-by-step outline of how the whole process works. It was so informative and we just fell in love with [our agent] Bridget.

We interviewed with lots of other realtors as well, and we had no problem coming back here and signing with Bridget.

Truthfully, the meetings we had with other Realtors? We wouldn’t have known some of the stuff they were talking about in the homebuying process had we not gone through the class with Bridget.

Bridget has so much knowledge about every step of the process and also every square inch of the house. In terms of availability, If we had a question, we’d send an email and get a call back from her within half an hour. Sometimes we’d email at 7:00pm and get a call at 8:00pm.

We also ended up going with the inspector and the mortgage lender that Bridget recommended. We never had any concerns about the people around the Keri Shull Team.

We would absolutely recommend your agency to friends and family. Buying a house is a scary process no matter what; there’s so much paperwork; there are so many steps… but we had full confidence the entire time.

It’s your turn

Keri Shull Team can make your first home buying process smooth and easy to understand. Contact us for upcoming home buyer seminar dates!