This famous Hollywood phrase is also relevant for the lighting system in your home. Without lights in Hollywood, there would be no cameras and action. Without the right lighting in your home, you loose aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Interior designers understand lighting is the final piece to the home decor puzzle. Lighting should be well thought-out ahead of unveiling a new interior design project. As the director of development at Rich Brilliant Willing, Theo Richardson said, “Light is a powerful thing.” The right light lifts the mood, inspires productivity and motivates us. “At home, light enlivens the little things – our morning routines, or the moments we spend with friends.”

So today we’re looking at ways the right lighting can improve your home decor.

Design Diversity

Far too many homeowners fall in love with one style of lighting. The result is a uniform lighting system that produces a boring ambiance. Most interior designers recommend integrating a variety of light sources, especially in a large room like the living room. Lighting source mixes can include task, accent, overhead lights and more. For example, compliment a highly decorative overhead fixture with a bright floor lamp that sends light back up to the ceiling.

Here Comes the Sun

You may have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The condition can affect people living in overcast climates like the Pacific Northwest. Although it’s not a medical acronym, a lack of sunlight inside of a room can cause Room Affective Disorder (RAD). The right amount of sunlight can create an upbeat ambiance…and it’s the least costly source of light!

Juggling the Right Colors

Installing the right lighting can also enhance the appearance of the different colors you have in a room. Directional lighting, like track lights, can soften bolder wall colors. Dark colors make a room appear smaller than it is, so balance dark walls by adding multiple light sources. The right lighting will make your paint and color choices pop.

Make Room Corners Shine

According to Caitlin Murray, founder and chief executive of Black Lacquer Design, forgetting to add light to your room corners is a major mistake.  “When you have an empty and awkward corner, one trick of the trade is to transform that space with an oversized floor lamp.” “Look for a lamp that is complementary in finish and material to the surrounding space, and an otherwise lost corner instantly becomes an intentional, polished part of the overall room design.”

Improve Functionality

One of the primary purposes of installing the right lighting is to make a room highly functional. Lighting must serve at least one purpose. Otherwise, you are wasting money on electricity that you do not need. Many lighting styles like chandeliers are used to ensure guests and family members can move around a room freely and safely. Lighting can serve a purpose by improving home security, as well as provide more than enough illumination for someone to work from home deep into the night. How the right lighting can improve your home décor also answers the question how the right lighting can improve your home’s functionality.

The Importance of Space

Both sunlight and artificial lighting sources can influence the illusion of space. In dark rooms, like bathrooms or basements, bringing in more light will create the illusion of a larger space. Rooms without enough lighting can feel small and cramped. If sunlight isn’t an option, add a variety of artificial light sources. For large living spaces, consider installing skylights or large bay windows to create the illusion of a larger space.

Finally, you can increase the effectiveness of your lighting by adding dimmers. For example, a bedside light and a movable shade in your bedroom can help you account for changes in the sunlight throughout the day. Add a dimmer to a corner lamp placed in the kitchen and fill in the design hole made by other lighting sources.