How To Move Out-of-State

Moving to a new home is an exciting event — but it can be very stressful, too! One thing that we pride ourselves on at the Keri Shull Team is helping our clients are able to buy or sell their home and have a completely stress-free move. 

But what if you are moving out of the DC/MD/VA area? 

When trying to make an interstate move, the stress is often even higher! Not only are you moving to an area that you don’t know, you might have to work with an agent that you have never met in person to buy a house in a neighborhood that is unfamiliar to you. Without the comforting guidance of an expert, trustworthy real estate agent in the area, you could feel lost. This is especially true if you are used to working with the caring and attentive real estate experts of the Keri Shull team!

At the Keri Shull Team, we know how common relocation is in our neighborhoods — and we also know that very few real estate teams can live up to our high standards of excellence when it comes to protecting your interests!

That’s why, for the past several years, we have been building relationships with great agents in housing markets all across the country. Many of these excellent teams have been trained using our own coaching service, so you can be certain that they will be able to provide you with the utmost service in your home search!

Moving between states stress-free

If you are interested in having the absolute best experience during your out-of-area move, then we want to help you! We will:

  • Interview agents to ensure that they are up to the standard that you deserve

  • Help you find the right moving partners, lenders, and other vendors in your new area

  • Anything else that you need to make your move comfortable and stress free!

If you want to make sure that your out of state move goes as smoothly as possible, just click here and set a time to speak with one of our relocation specialists today!

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