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Keri Shull's Move Up GuaranteeEnsures You Will:

  • • Never get stuck with payments for 2 homes.
    • Never end up homeless during your housing transition.
    • Always maximize proceeds from your current home’s sale.
    • Sell within your timeframe, or Keri will buy your home.

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It happens every day. It is a dilemma thousands of homeowners go through when they are buying a new home but already own one. Do they sell first or buy first? It’s a Catch-22. If they sell first they can end up without a home if they don’t find one quick enough. If they buy first, but can’t sell their existing home fast enough they might not be able to afford both and can get into financial trouble. It is stressful, overwhelming and can lead to financial problems. Unfortunately, most real estate agents cannot help people out in this situation and so most sellers face this challenge alone.

Don’t put yourself in this situation. Before you pick a listing agent, you need to interview several different ones to find out if they offer any kind of guarantees in regards to selling your home. You want a guarantee that gives you the peace of mind that your home will sell so you can buy your next one with confidence. Unfortunately, most agents simply can’t make this kind of guarantee!

If you hire Keri Shull though you are in luck. She can make this kind of guarantee, and much more! In fact, she has sold thousands of homes and spent millions of dollars backing up her guarantees. Keri Shull created her own Move-Up Buyer Guarantee Program to solve this dilemma for our clients.

Move up to any of our current listings and either GUARANTEE the sale of your home or sell it for FREE! You can pick the program. Register today or give the Keri Shull Team a call for more details on this amazing program!

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