On this week’s edition of the Neighborhood Spotlight, join Grace Buck of the Keri Shull Team as she introduces you to The Pinemoor, one of the newest additions to the culinary landscape of Clarendon! This southern-style eatery — which shows promise as one of the best places to get a steak in Arlington VA — first opened its doors in late July, after a months-long delay due to safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.

In order to learn some more about this brand new spot for food and drinks in Arlington, we spoke with owner Reese Gardner and sampled some dishes from this protein paradise. Check out our thoughts below!

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The Food

Although the interior of The Pinemoor has a distinctly “country” feel — thanks in large part to the enormous mural of Willie Nelson that graces the dining space — the menu does not draw from only a singular influence.

Steakhouse classics like the 14oz., grass-fed ribeye steak and succulent filet mignon are paired seamlessly with unique southern selections and gourmet appetizers. The Pinemoor even features a diverse selection of sources for their seafood, boasting both shrimp from the gulf coast and the more local crustaceans in their delectable crab cakes.

For those who want to share a steak (or want to try a carnivorous challenge), the menu also contains an enormous, 32oz. tomahawk steak that comes with grilled ciabatta and a demi-glace made from fine red wine.

And no self-respecting southern joint could be complete without a taste of Dixie! The Pinemoor has options to sate even the most particular of southern palettes, including a pulled pork BBQ sandwich, Nashville Hot Chicken, and the inimitable fried green tomatoes.

However, the Pinemoor does not simply offer re-creations of classic dishes — they innovate to deliver fresh new flavors! As evidence, one need not look further than their signature country caviar. This loaded bean dip explodes with delicious zest that perfectly complements the accompanying chips. It is a starter that will certainly be familiar to many, but one that brings a unique twist on the “chips and dip” formula!

Of course, it’s not all about the meat. The Pinemoor also offers plenty of options for getting your leafy greens. In addition to some excellent choices of salads (all of which can be topped with steak, chicken, gulf shrimp, or goat cheese), you can also enjoy their mouth-watering Brussels sprouts, cauliflower mashed, and the popular five cheeses truffled mac.

In fact, The Pinemoor’s bountiful variety of food is matched only by the wide selection of drinks!

The Drinks

The drink menu at the Pinemoor is, in a phrase, expertly crafted. With a selection of fine wines to complement the steakhouse offerings, brews to heighten the experience of biting into a juicy burger, and unique cocktail offerings that are sure to bring a spark to any happy hour, the bevy of beverages perfectly pairs with the food.

In addition to canned beers from around the country, visitors can enjoy a selection of local brews on tap. These include the Downright Pilsner, one of our favorite offerings from Port City Brewing in Alexandria VA. Like any good steakhouse, wine is served by the glass or by the bottle. Just like the beer list, the selection of wines includes options from both local and exotic wineries, so make sure to be adventurous — you might discover a new favorite vintage!

Finally, we must mention the Pinemoor’s signature cocktails. With a robust variety of liquor on offering (an amount on par with the neighboring Spirits of ‘76), the talented bartenders at the Pinemoor can certainly whip up any drink to whet your whistle. However, you owe it to yourself to try one of their unbelievable alcoholic creations!

Some of their signature libations, such as the Commonwealth Mule, stand out due simply to the high quality of their ingredients and preparation. Others, like the cleverly named Bacon Rebellion, are truly inspired and innovative creations. This particular drink, for instance, begins with a base of Wild Turkey bourbon, suffused with maple syrup, and topped with bitters and bits of scorched bacon. Altogether, the sweetness of the syrup and char of the bacon each bring out the reflective flavors within the bourbon and make for a complete experience that is reminiscent of a classic Old Fashioned just turned up to 11!

Best of all, the Pinemoor has one of the best happy hours in Arlington VA! From 4 PM – 7 PM every weekday, you can take advantage of Buy One Get One Free appetizers that make the perfect companion for an after-work drink!

The Verdict

The Pinemoor strikes an enviable balance between classic and innovative. Its menus are approachable and comfortable but still offer caverns of flavorful depth that are sure to have you coming back again and again.

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