For many people living in Arlington, coffee is an absolute lifesaver. Java can help perk you up for traffic-filled commute in or out of Washington DC, keep you alert through the early morning workflow, and even serve as a perfect nightcap after a delectable meal at one of Arlington’s best restaurants.

As you might expect for such a versatile bean, there are plenty of spots around NoVA that serve up a fine cup of joe — and on this week’s edition of the Neighborhood Spotlight, we want to share some of the Keri Shull Team’s favorite coffee shops in Arlington! All three of these cafes are open and following appropriate COVID-19 regulations, so you can still enjoy their brews in-house or with takeout options.

Do you know of a cafe, restaurant, or other space for local leisure that you’d like us to highlight next? Make sure to let us know down in the comments — we’d love to check them out!

Compass Coffee

With 12 locations across DC and NoVA, Compass Coffee is one of the swiftest-growing coffee companies on the east coast. Compass was originally founded as a single location in the Shaw neighborhood of DC, but in the 6 years since, it has spread to a dozen cafes in the DMV — including a spot right next to the Rosslyn Metro Station!

Currently, that original shop in the District is responsible for roasting and supplying all of the beans for the company, though they are aiming to expand with a second roastery in the Ivy City neighborhood.

Compass Coffee was founded by two US Marines, Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez, who decided to open their own roaster and cafe after drinking subpar coffee during their active duty military service. After some time perfecting their initial roast in Haft’s basement, the two opened their Shaw cafe in 2014 and have been rapidly expanding ever since.

The Rosslyn cafe, sitting at 1201 Wilson Boulevard, was Compass’s first foray across the Potomac. This warm, cozy coffee shop rests on the ground floor of the CEB tower, the same skyscraper where Arlington residents can enjoy the “View of DC” Observation Deck. Inside the inviting common space (a perfect place to relax or study during more normal times), this Compass Coffee offers all 9 of their signature blends, all locally roasted in DC.

For those that prefer to enjoy a cuppa at home, Compass also sells their beans in pre-ground, 5-lb bags or as convenient, single-serving K-cups. You can find these for sale in their cafes or on their online store.

With its hyper convenient location next to Rosslyn’s main transit hub, a wide variety of classic cafe drinks, and 9 different local blends (in addition to a full menu of loose-leaf tea!) Compass Coffee is a surefire hit for commuters and locals alike!

Northside Social

No matter whether you want to get your day started right or want to wind down at the end of a long day, Northside Social has you covered! This cafe has an extensive menu of caffeinated treasure, delicious pastries, and scrumptious food options. Northside Social also features a complete wine bar that is perfect for relaxing and trying new vintages with friends and family.

There are two Northside Social locations, both of which are in Northern Virginia. The first is in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, at 3211 Wilson Blvd. The second is in Falls Church, VA, at 205 Park Avenue.

If you want to read a more in-depth exploration of Northside Social’s offerings and atmosphere, make sure to check out the dedicated Northside Social Neighborhood Spotlight that we published early last year!

During the COVID-19 regulations in Virginia, Northside is offering dine-in and takeout options. By the way, here’s a pro-tip for taking home food and drink from this stellar cafe: if you fall in love with one of the wines there, you can take a bottle home with you…and get it for $20 less than the listed bottle price at the same time!

East West Coffee Wine

Also in Rosslyn, just a few blocks away from Compass Coffee, is the last of the cafes that we are covering in this Neighborhood Spotlight. East West Coffee Wine offers — as the name so subtly suggests — both java and vino, in addition to a full menu of savory and sweet foods.

Unlike some hip coffee joints that have overcrowded menus of confusingly named brews, East West has a very approachable and straightforward selection of coffee. The fine folks at East West focus on turning high-quality beans into high-quality drinks — so matter whether you’re a NitroBrew newbie or an espresso expert, you’ll be able to appreciate the care and craft that go into your drink!

Like Northside, East West also offers a selection of fine wines. When it comes to both the uppers and the downers, East West Coffee Wine is dedicated to educating their customers. So make sure to come by one of their two Arlington locations and have the most delicious educational experience of your life!

If you just have to have your morning joe, Arlington certainly has you covered. These are just 3 of our favorite coffee shops in Arlington VA, but there are plenty more around that we haven’t even tried. So, what’s your favorite spot for a shot of espresso or pour over? Let us know down below in the comments!

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