The Port City Brewing Company loves beer — that much is immediately obvious when you pull into the parking lot thanks to the massive, lovingly-branded malt silo that adjoins the tasting room. The team’s infatuation with the sudsy brew only becomes clearer when you speak to the beer gurus who create and serve unbeatable draughts to the thirsty folks who are living in Alexandria, VA.

Although Port City has three distinct tasting spaces that are perfect for hosting private events or relaxing with friends, the brewery also packages its craft and ships it all across the DMV — in fact, it was the first package craft brewery in the entire DC metro area. Lovers of Port City’s hoppy concoctions can find their beer on tap in many DMV restaurants or purchase it bottled in grocery and bottle stores all around the Washington, DC area (as well as 6 other states). It never hurts to stop by their tasting rooms, however, because Port City is constantly innovating and experimenting with new recipes.

Roots in Alexandria, Virginia; Reach around the Globe

At the heart of each Port City beer is a piece of Alexandria — the brewery is dedicated to using top-notch ingredients, often sourced from growers in Northern Virginia. These local ingredients are complemented by other grains and flavors from around the world — so every Port City beer The drinks are specifically crafted to highlight the quality of the raw materials, an effect that Port City enhances by their choice to serve their beer unfiltered.

To filter a beer, the brewer runs the almost-finished product through a porous membrane — or series of membranes — to strain out all remaining yeast or other sediments from the brewing process. This gives the beer a brighter, champagne-tinted color and ensures that no particulate ends up in the bottle or glass. However, this series of filters can also flatten the flavor of a beer, muddling the distinct flavors and cutting back on the hoppy bite that so many modern ale enthusiasts crave.

In order to make sure that each of the amazing ingredients — whether grown in Virginia or sourced from around the globe — stands out in the brew, Port City chooses to avoid this final filter and reduce excess (harmless) sediment using techniques that don’t affect the flavor profile of the beer.

Learn while you drink

Visiting Port City’s brewing site in Alexandria isn’t just a chance to sample their wide selection of delicious beers, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the artistry of craft brewery. Visitors can take a complete tour of the brewing process, from raw materials to bottled perfection, before enjoying a tasting flight of fermented goodness to put their newfound education to practical use.

It’s not just the brewing process, either — the ‘beer guides’ of Port City can even teach you how to enjoy beer differently. Stop by and learn something new about pouring techniques, flavor profiles, or even how to pair the right beer with any meal!

Always something new

The expert team at Port City has managed to beautifully pair innovation and tradition. Each batch of ale, lager, and stout is carefully crafted to celebrate the history of delicious beer while constantly pushing the boundaries of creative flavor palettes and brewing techniques.

For evidence of this marriage, look no further than Port City’s extensive selection of bottled draughts. They offer 6 year-round varieties, 5 limited release brews, and 8 specialty releases — not counting unique, small-batch crafts. No matter what you value in a brew, you are sure to find something to whet your beak at Port City.

This commitment to novelty extends to the list of fun activities, as well! Port City offers near-daily events including BeerYoga, food truck gatherings, trivia nights, and holiday celebrations, so you can be sure that there is always something fun brewing at Port City.

If you want to learn more about what to do in Alexandria, or anywhere else in the DMV,  make sure to check out the rest of our Neighborhood Spotlights — and let us know in the comments where we should check out next!

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