With Amazon Looming, 2018 Has Been a Landmark Year for Relocating to Arlington’s Corporate District

After landmark announcements that Nestle and now sister company Gerber will be relocating significant office space to Rosslyn, the international technological non-profit TechnoServe, as well as advertising firm Deloitte, have declared they too will be following suit. 

Nestle and associates are relocating from New Jersey, but what’s especially notable about TechnoServe’s recent decision is that they are making the move from DC, citing Rosslyn’s superior amenities, accessibility, and flexibility.  No doubt they will be reaping the rewards of Virginia’s lower tax rates as well.  

Corporate Relocation to Rosslyn Arlington VA

These massive corporate decisions are just another string of successes for Virginia since the election of Governor Ralph Northam in November.  And with the decision of the new Amazon Headquarters location looming in the background, they are only going to instill greater confidence in the region–already among the most prosperous in the country.

Arlington’s Real Estate Market Status

As result of the speculation that Amazon will select the DC area, the local residential real estate market has felt as if at a standstill as of late.  Inventory is at its lowest point in many years.  Already exorbitant prices are thus rising further.  People are holding on in hopes for a yet higher spike in the market.  And should Amazon decide to come here, it’s not like the prices will all of a sudden fall again; they will continue and continue to climb.  There is seemingly no end in sight.

Corporate Relocation to Rosslyn, VA  

Yet this housing shortage of low inventory has not stopped Rosslyn from securing some major businesses in the corporate sector.  These recent corporate relocation decisions are a big boom to Arlington that cannot be understated.  Even if businesses may possibly be making these decisions with Amazon in mind, it’s still a powerful testament to the allure of the area.  And this latest TechnoServe decision to move from DC highlights the key advantages of working in Arlington and Virginia over the district.