arkadiy naumov

We have been working with Melinda for the last few months on our new home build. Melinda was very knowledgable regarding builders contracts. She explained to us in detail the differences from traditional resale vs. a new construction build. Melinda was also knowledgable about how to negotiate with the builder to facilitate a floorplan change, which was very important for us deciding on our home choice. Melinda has been very attentive in terms of communicating with the builders representative, which has been helpful to keep us informed. Melinda has many years experience with builds, and has been extremely helpful in explaining the process and making sure we understand everything. We will be visiting our house for an in-progress tour this weekend, which Melinda thoughtfully asked the builder for on our behalf. Melinda is very easy to work with, and always maintains a ‘can do’ attitude! Thanks!

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