Mark Cousins

Our agent was Hassan Collins from the Keri Shull Team. My son met him and suggested we work with him. Good idea…!!!! Imagine trying to buy a condo sight unseen for your son from 1,000 mi away….!!!! A task that took professionalism, patience, communication skills, and no small amount of hand-holding from a very good and knowledgeable realtor. Yet, Hassan, over the course of about a 3 month period found us an excellent condo! He was there for every question (and we had MANY) we had and was excellent in helping us understand neighborhoods and locations we had absolutely no knowledge of. The one time we were able to fly to DC to meet him, he drove us around to all of the choices he researched without any hint of exasperation or frustration. And, he drove our son around every weekend to see properties when we weren’t there, of course.. Hassan presented us with a list of viable real estate choices, altered the list as our wants/needs evolved, and was always receptive to any suggestions or thoughts we had. Subtly opinionated (which we appreciated) but, never pushy. A joy to do business with…!!!

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