I started my condo hunt in May 2018, I’m a first time condo buyer and didn’t know anything about the process or the market situation. While I did my research online, Rachel was great with answering all my questions (and I had a lot). She patiently answered them (most of the time almost immediately) and provided great guidance throughout the whole process. After an initial meeting, they provide you access to an online system to search for homes (which could use a modern user interface ;)). I’d still recommend to look additionally in other online search portals, because you can’t configure the search parameters in that MRS system – this can only be done by the agent . Once you found something, I contacted Rachel and she contacted the seller/agent to schedule tour. I was lucky finding something very quickly and Rachel helped my with the process of offering and later buying the condo. The Keri Shull Team made a very organized impression – they had mortgage lenders at hand and were very quick to provide the contact to a title agency. I also participated in one of their free first-buyer-seminars which I would recommend to everyone in this position. Overall, I closed In July and I’m very happy with the journey. Thanks Rachel!!! Thanks to the KeriShull Team!

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