west garrett

When I began looking to buy a home in the DC/Arlington area, a friend recommended the Keri Shull Team to me. I’m glad my friend gave me the recommendation because the company did a great job! They really listened to me during the initial consultation and set up my online search parameters accordingly. It only took a couple weeks to find a home I liked and very soon I was under contract! Everything went smoothly through the closing. I paid less than the asking price, and the appraised value was much higher than the sale price, so they helped me find a great deal.

My realtor was Amy Harasz, and she was great. The communication and responsiveness was great the entire time. Then, after the closing, I experienced some problems with my HVAC. Since I purchased the home during the winter, the inspector was not able to test the air conditioning. I informed Amy when I had trouble with my air conditioning, and she continued to help me like I was her best client. Her communication and diligence was top notch, and with her help, we fixed the problem at minimum cost. I highly recommend Amy and the Keri Shull Team for your realty needs. They will be your best advocate, even after the transaction is complete.

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