One of the fastest-growing trends in home ownership is the usage of smart devices — network-capable tools that can help automate and secure your home. In under ten years, the number of homes that are augmented with smart devices rose by over ten percent, according to recent studies.

           In past blogs, we have written about smart devices in a general manner, but now we want to tell you about the specifics of improving your home’s value with these high-tech tools.   

As younger, more tech-reliant buyers enter the market, they are looking for houses that are either smart home capable, or already include smart devices. So if you’re looking to make your listing stand out on the market, consider installing these features to give yourself the edge.



               There are many network-ready devices that can help improve the security of your home while giving a hyper-modern edge to your property. Motion-activated lights and cameras, which can be monitored from any compatible smartphone, will give potential buyers peace of mind about the safety of your home from the moment they pull into the driveway. If you’re worried about how external cameras will affect your home’s aesthetics, smart doorbells can serve a similar purpose.

               Smart locks, which come in many styles to suit your décor, combine strong physical security with many cutting-edge conveniences, such as the ability to lock or unlock your door from anywhere with a network-connected smartphone. 

Suggested Products: Kwikset 916 , Ring Doorbell 2


Climate Control:

               No one wants to buy a house if they’ll have to pay a small fortune to keep it heated or cooled.

Show your buyers that your property is on the cutting edge of energy efficiency with a smart climate control system. Besides the convenience afforded by a smartphone-controlled thermostat, these networked devices can cut down on costly utility bills!

These devices can be particularly attractive to pet lovers, too — when combined with the security features of a smart home, your house’s new inhabitants will always be able to make sure that their furry friends are safe and comfortable.

Suggested Product: Nest Thermostat


Voice Activation:

               Nothing will showcase the stylish qualities of a smart home quite like a voice-control device, featuring a digital helper such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home Assistant. These integrated assistants can connect to other smart devices in your home, making your new, super-modern home incredibly easy to operate.

Suggested Product: Amazon Echo Smart Speaker


Experts agree!

In a recent survey, most brokers and realtors agreed that the presence of smart devices in a home would help with the marketing strategy! They also found that sales involving smart homes can often go smoother than deals involving properties that are not network capable.

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