Most home owners want to know how to sell a home fast these days. After all, having a faster home sale is usually advantageous for a couple of reasons: it tends to be less of a hassle and allows for an easier time moving up to a new home. On top of that, homes that stay on the market for a longer time often see a painful reduction in sales price — so when you get the deal done quickly, there’s a better chance that you’ll be able to sell your home for the most money

However, you might not always have full control over the speed of your home sale. Depending on what’s going on in the world and where you are trying to sell, the real estate market might be faster or slower — and that can affect the speed of your home sale if you don’t take the right steps to prepare your home for sale

That doesn’t mean that you are completely out of luck, of course. There are some techniques that you can employ to make sure that you are able to sell a home fast, even if the market as a whole is moving slowly. 

What Makes a Market Slow or Fast?

A lot of factors go into how quickly homes sell on the market. Sometimes, these can be national or global — but not all global economic changes will fundamentally speed up or slow down your sale. For instance, one of the myths about the coronavirus — which scared a lot of people into inactivity in early 2020 — is that government regulations and fear were going to kill the housing market. But, partially because real estate was considered an essential business, the market has stayed steady and hot.

In short, however, the main thing that makes a market move fast is demand. If you are in an area where buyer demand is low, you might have to be more careful with your home sale in order to get the deal done quickly. 

This is also the reason why so many people are concerned with when the best time to sell a house is— the different seasons can increase or decrease demand for homes, depending on where you live. 

When there are a lot of buyers looking for a home in an area — and comparatively fewer home owners looking to sell — then there’s a higher chance that the market will move quickly. This is because home searchers are more likely to act fast and put compelling offers down on your home, in an attempt to win it quickly before someone else snatches it away. 

Of course, the strategies outlined below can be helpful no matter how fast your local market is. They are just as useful for home owners in hot markets (like people living in Alexandria VA or Washington DC’s hottest neighborhoods) as they are for people who see less buyer demand. 

1. Work With a Local Expert

Working with a high-quality real estate agent is the most important thing you can do to speed up your home sale. 



A good real estate agent will be highly experienced in selling homes in your specific locality, which means that they will be prepared to handle the speed of the market. Having the help of a real estate agent will increase your ability to sell your home fast for a couple of reasons.

First, a good agent will be able to market your property to the right buyer using the most cutting-edge techniques. Top-selling real estate teams have the resources to spend a lot of money on marketing your home using traditional and digital methods. This will attract more buyers to your home, faster — which is a great advantage when you’re trying to sell your house quickly!

Secondly, a good real estate agent will be able to devote constant attention to getting your home sold. Unfortunately, you can’t put your life on hold when you sell a house, so it’s important to have an agent who can put in the time and effort that it takes to get a home sold quickly in a slower market — so you can avoid the hassle and spend your time doing things that you love!

There’s another reason that working with a good agent is so important; it has to do with the second important strategy to keep in mind. 

2. Look into an Off-Market Home Sale

If you want to get out of your home quickly, one of the most valuable things to know about is how to sell your home off-market. This is when you sell your home without listing it on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). An off-market sale can be a very effective technique, especially if you are in a slower market with lower buyer demand. 

Because selling a home off-market means that you can’t actively market your house using social media or traditional strategies, you need to be able to connect directly with the right home buyer. That’s why it’s so important to be working with an agent who has a robust network of home searchers, so they can put you in touch with them and avoid the hassle of stressful showings or open houses. 

An off-market home sale can be a great option for you no matter how fast or slow your local market is — but not every real estate team has the resources or experience to help you sell off-market! When interviewing a real estate agent, make sure to ask them whether they have established expertise in helping home owners sell their home without going through the process of listing and marketing. 

No matter what kind of housing market you are in, there’s a third strategy that you can take to sell a home quickly.

3. Look into an Instant Offer Program

If you need to sell your home as fast as possible — or if you simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of tidying your house and hosting stressful showings — then you owe it to yourself to look into an Instant Offer Home Sale Program

These online tools will allow you to get an offer on your home in just a matter of days, no matter what condition your home is in. This means you don’t have to worry about listing your home, attracting buyers, and staging your home to get the deal done. Instead, you can get a real offer on your property after just 48 hours — and if you like the price that they offer, you can quickly get to the closing table!

Instant Offer Programs can be a great way to sell your house quickly when the market is moving slowly, because they don’t rely on buyer demand to determine how fast your home will sell!

There are a lot of reasons why people want to sell their home quickly. Sometimes, you might be buying and selling a home at the same time, and you don’t want to get stuck with two mortgages. Other times, someone might be moved by their job and need a guarantee that the relocation won’t be slowed down by their home sale. 

No matter what your reason for selling quickly is, it’s vital that you speak with a real estate agent who specializes in your market. When you talk to your agent about your specific needs and situation, they will be able to help you create a specific selling plan to maximize speed and profit on your home sale. 

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